Helping cancer patients access the resources they need to decrease treatment abandonment and increase survivorship

  • Directing Patients to Hospital Related Resources
  • Decreasing patient stress regarding hospital logistics by helping patients find and access hospital related resources such as departments, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), food and clothing

  • Documentation Assistance
  • Filling out forms for low-literacy patients so they can get treatment, accommodations, and/or financial help

  • Financial Aid & Guidance
  • Providing financial assistance to patients through our partner organizations and guiding patients about financial resource

  • Accommodation Aid & Guidance
  • Providing free accommodation to patients through our partner organizations and guiding patients about accommodation resources

  • Cancer Education
  • Educating patients about cancer, chemotherapy, infection control, radiation, diet and treatment procedures in order to increase treatment compliance and survivorship

  • Patient Advocates
  • Identifying patients that require emergency medical attention and communicating with doctors to get patients priority medical attention and other required supportive assistance

  • Individual Support Sessions
  • Empathizing and motivating patients to sustain treatment and utilize available resources

    Increasing the pool of platelets required for cancer patients by working with our partner organizations to recruit and obtain platelet donors

  • Group Patient Information Sessions
  • Organizing group patient information sessions to help educate and support patients

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